Introducing, a new talents house for software engineering on the shores of the Black Sea in Ukraine

Odesa, Ukraine. Wirecode, a new Ukrainian company, is born from the idea of connecting software engineering with the growing tech needs of more businesses worldwide.

Located In the south of Ukraine, in beautiful Odesa, and turned towards an entire ocean of opportunities brought by emerging tech and channels, our team possess leaders with more than 15 years of experience.

Why work and choose for your following tech projects?

Having access to talents in tech is hard. It is a people business and a race where your team will deliver value if they work well together. Playing on the human aspect of projects is a critical differentiating factor in how you could reach the level of quality in your product roadmap.

Innovation could be hard to grasp. But, having a leadership principle to always be at the forefront of the newest technology makes every team member of wake up in the morning and stay late at night. Working with us is betting on the future with employees that will future-proof your products with the latest features that will differentiate your business in the long run.

It is about the experience. With senior developers, project managers, and product owners comes a faster time to market for your projects. Agility is learned, experienced and demonstrated in years of chewing lines of codes, and our team does that.

Understanding business needs. It is not all about tech. You are buying a measurable business outcome. Having a business understanding at the level of every team player makes the difference in the last mile of every task, project and milestone. This can make a partner of choice, as we understand the challenges your business might face, and we are wired to share them with you.

How do we like to work? introduces a classical delegation framework where we help you recruit A+ talents, train them and affect them to your projects in a scalable and modular fashion. This model is exciting if your business maturity is high, such as an e-commerce brand constantly optimising its online shop with features and content.

For riskier projects, such as a startup that raised a seed or Serie A round, we also provide another framework in the form of a dedicated team under a CTO’s leadership. This team will help you go from business analysis to help you evaluate your burn-rate needs to a POC (Proof-Of-Concept) and an MVP (Minimal-Viable-Product). Once established, you could unleash your team to build the entire product and support you throughout its lifecycle.

For very particular demands, we remain at the disposal of our customers to provide ad-hoc support in highly technical environments or critical situations or industries such as cybersecurity, banking, and healthcare.

In a nutshell, your new tech team awaits you in Odesa.

Suppose you are an established agency looking for an extended tech team in various environments and deep-tech innovative projects. In that case, you can count on our diligence to help you in a white-label fashion.

Our senior team can advise and support your product roadmap operationally if you are a pure player running extensive technology stacks.

If you are a startup or a brand looking to source the new tech team around the block and write your story with us, we can ensure that our tech talents secure your digital transformation needs.

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